Monday, August 15, 2011


GR052: Precious Trombley – Danse Water C30 cassette
-Solo 4 track recordings from 2009 with an invisible band. Underwater chaos jazz.
$4.00 USA / $6.00 WORLD

GR169: Lidless Eye – The Silent Delivery CD-R
4 dense songs of electric siding and tonal insulation, and one extended mix.
$6.00 USA / $8.00 WORLD

GR172: V/A - Gentleman’s 10 C60 cassette
Collection of my favorite Michigan jammers. Studio tracks and live bootleg recordings. Lots of varied styles. Includes tracks by: Bardzo Paradiso (Daniel Dlugosielski of Body Morph, Mossy Throats), Tarpit, Precious Trombley, PBK, Mall Mutants, David Lincoln, American Composer (Andrew Fenlon), Cold Turkey, Lidless Eye, Jon Browning, Varnum, National Memory Day (Olzone), and Mind War (Knox + AC + Tarpit)
$5.00 USA / $7.00 WORLD

GR173: Stowaway – Unison C30 cassette
New collaboration between Julia Ladense and Knox Mitchell. Traded and re-traded recordings, mixed down into a slow, thick mass of strings and electronic buzz.
$5.00 USA / $7.00 WORLD

GR174: Cornea – Shame C30 cassette
Non-existent “psych rock” unit. Lineup is always changing. Various Michigan weirdos you’ve probably encountered before playing drums, guitar, and “bass”.
$5.00 USA / $7.00 WORLD

GR175: Cujo – Felled CD-R
Very damaged tape recordings of duo and trio action from the past few months. Weird ideas brought to form with voice and electronics, all live to tape.
$6.00 USA / $8.00 WORLD

GR176: Mall Mutants – Exquisite Women C20 cassette
Mall Mutants is Ann Arbor rad dude Dustin (Actual Birds, Better Late Than Pregnant, etc.). This is the first Mall Mutants tape not released on his FM DUST label. Some of the raddest electronic vomit out of Michigan these days. Do not miss!
$5.00 USA / $7.00 WORLD

GR179: Orphanage Rats – Practice & Live Vol. 2 C20 cassette
Basement recordings on side A, live from the AM900 fest on side B. Two songs on each side. “a noise band from Genghis Khan times”.
$5.00 USA / $7.00 WORLD

GR180: Hollow Carving – One C30 + Zine
First in a new series of Xerox collages and audio disease. Lots of transistor radio manipulation mastered and spliced carefully with unknown tapes. Recorded on two tape decks. Hi-Fi. Comes with an 18 pg. zine.
$6.00 USA / $8.00 WORLD

GR182: The Others C20 cassette
Masterful synth meltdown by Jake Johnson (Moltar) and Andrew Kirschner (Cleveland maniac).
$5.00 USA / $7.00 WORLD

Whole batch: $45.00 US / $55.00 WORLD

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